Updated: Dec 8, 2020

As many of you know, MAGA Drag The Interstate was de-platformed by Big Tech in late October. Over Halloween weekend, we were systematically targeted--our national Twitter account was suspended, access to our national Facebook account was revoked, our national leadership team’s personal Twitter and Facebook accounts were suspended multiple times, and the accounts of many of our state leaders were also permanently deleted. Additionally, we discovered that the Google email accounts we relied on to communicate with rally participants were being censored and blacklisted. We were sending email that disappeared into a Big Tech abyss; we received no error messages or bounce-backs. Rather, our emails simply never made it to the recipients. It was a tough blow. It’s been a long, hard crawl to get back on top of things, but here we are.

Myself and the rest of the national leadership team are still here. We are still fighting. We hope you are ready to fight with us.

Many people have no idea just how close to the precipice our country’s foundation of liberty, justice, and conservatism truly is. We need people like you to not only stand with us, but to be a beacon of light and hope for others. Many of you have emailed and asked how you can help and what you can do to make a difference.

Here’s just a small list of ways you can get involved and fight back:

  • Attend an event listed on our Events page

  • Share an event listed on our Events page

  • Volunteer to host an event by emailing us at

  • Help us publicize other events by using the Submit Event button on our Events page

  • Join the forums on our website and connect with other patriots

  • Follow the Truth Slingers podcast - featuring the founder of MAGA Drag The Interstate

  • Attend a #StopTheSteal rally at your state capitol - every Saturday at12:00 PM

  • Write your representatives and demand they investigate election fraud and irregularities

  • Follow us on Twitter, Parler, Instagram, Gab, and MeWe and share our posts and events

  • Run for office at the local level--your HOA, the school board, city council, etc.

  • Keep your Trump signs and flags up and continue to wear your Trump gear

  • Support local law enforcement

  • Patronize small businesses hard-hit by COVID shutdowns

  • Buy American made products

  • Decorate your house in red, white, and blue Christmas lights

  • Build Trump snowmen

ANYTHING you do that contradicts the mainstream media’s narrative ripples outward to create a tsunami of courage for others. Remember, we are not a fearful nation. Americans are imbued with a rebel spirit that has overcome great obstacles against impossible odds. We The People is a force to be reckoned with.

Please help us document your acts of patriotic courage. We have been the rally, but we are now also called to become the news. So, Midnight Riders, let’s start spreading the truth like wildfire. Submit your acts of patriotism, support, and (maybe even a little defiance) to or post them on your own social media platforms using the hashtag #1776Rebel. Now is the time to ACT. As Lin Wood said, it's our 1776, and it's time to #FightBack!

-Patriot J

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